This blog is the work of Rosie and Chris Dymond, we’re married and we have two young children - Flynn aged 2 and Lucas aged 4. We live in Sheffield in the UK, and we’re a pretty techie household; our kids arrived in our lives about the same time as smartphones and tablets did. As a result, we are watching them grow up in an environment in which screens, connectivity and computer games are as natural to them as pens, bricks and TV. 

This is a blog about taking that normality as read and building it creatively into healthy playful family relationships and sharing tips ideas and thoughts about it.

Rosie is a mum and a practising Play Therapist for the Cavendish Cancer Care charity, where she helps families who are suffering with illness and bereavement by engaging with children in play. She is interested in child development and the role of play in a child’s learning and well-being.

She explained what she wants to write about in her first post, and she tweets at @rosiedymond

Chris a digital producer and innovation specialist, and runs Unfolding Innovation - an agency that helps companies to understand the implications of digital technology and how to work together to make the most of them. He also works to develop the creative and digital industries in and around Sheffield, and is on the board of a new University Technical College. He also spends quite a bit of time playing games with his kids.

He explained what he wants to write about in his first post, and he tweets at @chrisdymond