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Worry-free parenting in an app…?!

Watch this before reading further…

MamaBear from Mamabear App on Vimeo.

“Download the MamaBear app to give your children the freedom they need & get the peace of mind you deserve.”

“Never have to worry about her wandering off with her friends”

“Spend less time checking his Facebook page and get alerted when he makes a new friend.. you can be notified of inappropriate language (you can set what this is so you could make it even more intrusive..) protecting your kids just got a whole lot easier.”

I don’t even know where to start.. seriously.. this is simply the most intrusive, controlling, inappropriate, boundary crossing and down right disrespectful piece of tech I can think of.

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Teaching versus learning

Since I became a mum nearly 5 years ago, and a Non-Directive Play Therapist 4 years ago, I have experienced, both first and second hand, the anxiety and the eagerness parents have for their child to learn.  Of course, we all want our children to learn and grow and flourish, but what I’m talking about is the emphasis that parents put on their child knowing ‘stuff’.  This stuff is ‘tick box’ stuff and ranges from farmyard animal noises to colours, numbers, letters and beyond.

When looking at how children learn, we know that they learn through play. This is fact, although many parents don’t seem to truly believe it and don’t trust that play is enough. I think fundamentally there is a whole generation of parents thinking along the wrong lines. A generation thinking about measurable, observable ‘tick box’ outcomes that have been drummed into us via a painfully outdated education system concerned with ticking those same boxes.

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